The curved roof we offer,has been very popular, and as more of you see them the more the more we are selling, and now we have 2 new display area’s, 1 at Exeter Racecoarse, this one is also being used to show retrained race horses so that they can have a life after racing,  ant the other is on show at Cornish Services  off the A38 at Victoria Roache, both stables have the curved roofs.

At Southwest Shelters, we offer three ranges of excellent stabling for your horses, allowing you to build stables where you need to and move them when necessary. We understand that not everyone wants to erect the more  expensive permanent stables, which is why our mobile stables and field shelters are so popular.

We do of coarse provide fixed stables and field shelters, and have the same two styles of external finish, in a standard size which provides good size stables to suit most peoples needs, we also manufacture to suit your personal needs and appearance.

All our buildings are constructed with, what we believe to be the best materials, chosen to provide strength, longivity and lasting good looks

The Platinum Plus has been taken up by a large number of customers as the best option to have a complete stable, made to possibly out last them and can be handed on to the family

The Platinum range looks similar to the standard Aintree range, but it is loaded with the things that make working with your horses easier, and the building last longer.

The timber has been treated to last 30 years approx.

The choose of different roof coverings

Hardwood WPB plywood kick boards ( We never use osb as we have heard it  harbers mites etc)

An automatic safety bolt on the bottom stable door (to prevent those clever horses sliding the bolt open).

Sky light in each stable, and guttering to the front, and the back by arrangement.

Steel or timber skids on the mobile stables.

Delivered and erected.    Prices from £2385.00




  • The Aintree Stable

    This stable is made of timber from the UK, from sustainable woodlands and is FSC certified. It is 3.6m x 3.6m with an overhang of 1.2m, guttering to the front and rear is a small extra charge, kick boards are of hardwood wbp ply, shiplap finish on the walls and plastic coated green box section steel […]

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  • The Aintree Twin Stable 7.2 x 3.6m

    This twin provides two full sized stable suitable for all horses. All timber used in these stables is tanilised to preserve the timber and the panels are bolted together so they can be dismantled and moved anywhere at a future date if required. Prices include delivery and erection.  

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  • The Ayr Mobile Field Shelter

    This mobile field shelter is 18×12 (5.4m x 3.6m) Built with tanalised timber for longevity, hardwood ply to 4ft as kickboards and a 4ft overhang for protection.

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  • The Aintree Twin Stable 5.4 x 3.6m

    This stable is 5.4 x 3.6m giving you two stables suitable for two smaller horses or ponies. The frame timber is 75 x 50 mm to the walls and 100 x 50 mm roof purlins. Prices include delivery and erection.

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  • The Ayr Shelter

    This field shelter fits into the country side and seems to blend into its surroundings perfectly, providing shelter and shade all year round. It is 12×12 (3.6m x 3.6m) The above is also available as a 24×12 (7.2 x 3.6).  

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