Individually-built Static and Mobile Stables

Although we have a set range of designs, all our stables are built to order. Because we understand what horses need, we make sure that your static or mobile stables are built properly so that your horse is safe, comfortable and secure. We will come and build your stable on-site, so that it goes exactly where you want it, and our lead time is short, so you could have your stable up and running in less time than you think. Our ranges are:

* Platinum Plus-  our finest stables , built ready to look after your horses like they should be.

  • Aintree – these stables come in single or twin designs and are made from FSC-certified UK timber. The twin models come in two sizes, so that you can choose the one that suits you and your horses best.
  • Ayr – this range of mobile stable field shelters are ideal for all horses. Like the Aintree range, Ayr comes in single and twin design and has a suitable overhang so that the horses are protected from the elements.

All our ranges include solid kickboards, and the static stables have quality kickover latches and bolts. The mobile stables or shelters are easily bolted together, so that they can be taken down and moved with little hassle – and delivery and erection are included in the price you pay.

Quality and Service

Our customers are delighted with the quality of our static and mobile stables and with the service they get. We want you to be able to provide shelter for your horses without having to spend a fortune, and in as short a time as possible. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that once your order is placed, your stable is up and ready to use without delay. Call us on 01579 550500 or 07717 393313 to find out more about our stables and our range of bespoke buildings for tack, fodder, livestock and more.


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